Welcome to teampb.org

Teampb is dedicated to the raising of funds towards cancer research. This is something we believe strongly in and by working together, we know that a cure for many of the cancers that stricken many people can be found. This is not an easy task and it is one that requires substantial energy and work y those dedicated to the research of new treatments and understanding how those treatments can help those who need it most.

To do our part, we help organize many different events throughout the year to raise money. The money that we raise goes a long way towards helping in that common goal as those funds help support the professionals working in the field as well as fund the need for equipment that is needed to carry out the exhausting studies and experiments once new treatments have been discovered. This can include testing on certain plants and how they correlate to the drugs being developed to patient studies and how effective those drugs are in battling the different cancers that they may be geared towards.

We love to run and organize marathons in order to assist in raising funds. Many love the joy of running and by participating in these marathons you can help raise much needed funding. Each event see’s many helping to raise the monies by getting sponsorship. Often this will be based on the number of miles they complete and being running is such a competitive sport, most push themselves to always complete each marathon and therefore are able to generate a larger contribution towards the raising of monies towards research. This is an important aspect of our efforts and one we take great pride in achieving. While it would be nice to see more cancers being curable, the reality is, we are still far away from curing most cancers but we also have come a long way towards that goal through the research that is done worldwide and continued efforts are seeing great results.

As we are based in the United Kingdom, most of our marathon events are held in the U.K. One of those is in New Castle. This is the Bupa Great North Run and is a fantastic event that often see’s in excess of 50,000 people participating. The monies generated as a result go towards breast cancer research as well as prostate cancer research. This is one of the biggest marathons in the world and is a fantastic opportunity to generate huge success on the charity side of things.

Stop by often as we will update you on new research methods and other charity events where you can do your part towards finding a cure!