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Buck & Butler Now Live

Two weeks ago we reported that a new online casino was set to be released that would focus on the Nordic online gambling market. That became a reality today as “Buck & Butler” has now gone live and is accepting new customers.

The casino is now active and available to all Nordic punters and the casino is running under the EveryMatrix Software. This means you will be able to experience slots, poker, table games and mobile casino games as well. The mobile and poker games are powered using Net Entertainment software.

everymatrix logo

Gunnar Strand, the CEO behind Buck & Butler spoke on the launching saying, “After a long planning process we have finally been able to launch Buck & Butler. We wanted to start a new online casino within the Nordic online gambling market that was innovative and provides an incredible experience through impressive software. Net Entertainment and Every Matrix are two of the best software developers in the industry. With their software we will be able to provide those very experiences to our punters.”

The CEO for EveryMatrix, Ebbe Groes also made a short statement stating, “We are honored to work alongside Mr. Strand and the team at Buck & Butler. We have utilized our software to the best of our abilities so that we can provide a truly innovative experience, that experience being one of the main goals for Mr. Strand. Those goals have now been accomplished and we can’t wait to see how Nordic punters react to Buck & Butler.”

Boylesports Manager Charged With Theft

A Manager at one of the Boylesports Retail Shops in Ireland has now been convicted for stealing from the gambling firm for a period of two years. During these two years the 33 year old manager stole thousands of Euro’s.


Ronan Cowley, the manager of the said shop, who is thirty-three years of age, has been handed a 5 year prison sentence by the Cork Judge Sean Donnabhainm. The Judge made his choice after he learned that the defendant stole a total of €590,810 from BoyleSports. The funds he stole were used towards feeding his online gambling addiction habit.

Paddy Power, the casino at which Mr. Cowley was an avid punter at was tipped off about how this punter deposited into the casino and instantly removed Mr. Cowley’s ability to fund his player account. Boylesports was not impressed by Paddy Powers failure to advise them of this individual’s activity and had knowledge of his position with Boyles.

The judge behind this case said the following, “This is one of the more unusual cases that I’ve had with my time on the bench. Mr. Cowley was able to steal more than half a million Euros during the course of two years and due to it I had to take this case seriously. In order to deter others from such crimes I gave Mr. Cowley a sentence of five years, the absolute maximum in Ireland.”

Reports from Pennsylvania positive

The state of Pennsylvania commissioned an independent report to be presented to the legislator. The purpose of the report is to add fire to the cause of pro-lines who are in favor of the state legalizing online gaming in the state.


Econsult were the group who carried out the report. They found that regulated and legalized gambling in the state could generate as much as $309 million in much need revenue for the state. It would be expected to see $67 million in the first year alone and more than $109 million each year thereafter. It also reported that the revenue generated would not impact current land casinos.

The group was tasked with analyzing the market conditions in the state and include suggestions that they felt would allow Pennsylvania to be competitive. It does appear that igames will be part of the states future due to the fact they are carrying a huge deficit that has to be reconciled prior to the beginning of the new year.

Upon receiving the report a number of the legislative made comments relating to this study deserving more consideration and that the consideration of adding online gaming into the laws in the state deserves to receive a second look.

Whether an eventually law allowing for online gaming in the state to go forward will occur is yet to be determined. There have been a number of different proposals on this but each have been shot down due to lack of support. Many argue a moral issue for that justification which really is mute due to so many other moral issues coming into play with other laws.

Prime Slots making the move to HTML

Prime Slots, an internet based gambling site, announced that they have begun to move the games they offer to a HTML version of the casino. This is being done in order to be compatible with those who wish to access the site with mobile devices.

This move will allow Prime Slot customers to access all games via smartphones, tablets and PC’s. It will put the casino in a position to gain a larger market share with mobile customers as well as maintain the overall happiness of current customers who also use mobile devices to access games.

The VP of Business at Prime stated that they are keenly aware that their customers use mobile devices to access online games and with the new format we will be offering it will be far easier for our players to access the games when they wish to, whether on the go or at home.

Net Entertainment 1

Prime Slots is powered by the Net Entertainment software. This software includes over 80 legendary slots, which today, are among the most popular slot titles being sought after, both by operators and players. Net Entertainment has been a source of entertainment since inception in the early 90’s and continues to create an incredible range of games. The latest games are offering unique features that have been well received by players worldwide.

Prime Slots will be using a platform that will allow for new game additions as they wish, which will maintain fresh mobile gaming content for their customers.