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Helicopter Finds Boy

One mother today in the Baker County, Florida is relived as her son is still alive. Officer Brain Hall & many citizens in Baker County took it upon themselves to scour all local forests & cities in order to find Peyton Blodgett, he had been missing for five days at this point in time. One of the citizens helping for the search to find this county boy saw a piece of his red clothing deep in the dense bush, what only seemed like a small speck of red for this citizen ended up being this boys sweater. They had a place where they could really begin their search.


It was only three hours later that Officer Brain Hall and a couple of other citizens in Florida found this boy. He was curled up by a tree, everyone running towards him at this point were thinking the worse. They turned this boy over only to see that he had been crying. Luckily this boy was able to be found as by the fourth day law enforcement were almost ready to give up this search and presume that this boy had gone missing or had died.

The mother of Peyton has openly thanked everyone who gave tips to the police, helped in the search for his son and she thanks all of the media outlets that allowed for this story to grow. It was one random citizen that called in saying they saw a young boy matching his description enter that forest, without that lead this boy would never have been found.

Rob Ford

Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto has had to reside from his position as he now has a rare form of cancer. This came as a shock to many as Rob Ford has now become an icon for Toronto, not for his poor actions but for the good that he has done for the city of Toronto. Mr. Ford appeared in Etobicoke earlier on this week in hopes of regaining the council seat he previously had before he was mayor. This is his first public appearance since he first found out that he had this rare form of cancer.


Rob Ford was allowed to go home this week after he completed his first round of chemotherapy. This allowed him to get back on the campaign race, he will be attending a party which is being held by his brother Doug Ford. Doug Ford is now running for mayor of Toronto in place of his brother, he currently is a councilmen for Toronto. Rob Ford just won’t be campaigning for himself but he will also be campaigning for his brother in hopes that the family can continue to oversea Toronto and protect.

You can also attend this party as it is a public event for everyone to come enjoy. It’s called “The Ford Fest Barbecue” and is taking place in Northwest Toronto at in one of the local parking lots, just follow the mass amount of cars moving to that location and you’ll be able to find where this barbecue is taking place.