Adelson stepping up campaign against internet betting

The owner of the Sands Casino, in Las Vegas, Sheldon Adelson, is getting ready to step up his goal to see online gambling be banned outright in the U.S. This campaign is stated to be about protecting Americans but clearly is about the loss of revenue to owners like Adelson, who want to control the gambling industry in America.

The goal will be to see each state block gambling online through the use of lobby groups who will aim to convince legislators that this form of gaming should be illegal. Adelson is reported to have said that his group are fully prepared to launch full on campaigns in order to achieve their objective and stop any legalization bills from going through and becoming law.

The reality is most of those efforts will be in vain as more states look at other ways to generate revenue. Considering the amount of revenue online gaming can generate for each state it is unlikely many will be willing to pass on that revenue to appease those with land based gaming operations.

Those at the American Gaming Association are not impressed by Adelsons comments and actions and have gone as far as to hire additional advisors in recent weeks in order to combat adelsons attempts to intimidate lawmakers.