Atari Licensing Their Brands To Gambling Firms

Atari is one of the longest surviving developers of video games companies known to the world. It was Atari who developed the first home based video console and since then they have continued to revolutionize the video game industry. For the first time it appears that Atari will be entering the online gambling market, licensing out their famous video games to software developers. These games will have to be specifically used to social based online casinos, this information coming from Wired Magazine.

Atari logo

This information came to light after Fred Chesanis, the CEO of Atari was speaking to Wired Magazine during an interview. Mr. Chesanis said the following, “In order for Atari to generate revenue after we had to file for bankruptcy last year we will be licensing out our famous brands such as Space Invaders to software developers located in the online gambling market. We must recover from our unfortunate year so that we can once again try to enter the video game industry and provide an experience that will be beloved by gamers everywhere. There is a lot of steps we must make in order to accomplish these goals.”

PariPlay is the first firm that has licensed out the Atari brands. PariPlay will be releasing two new social based online casino, the first being for real money play and the other being for free money play. The free money casino will be named “Atari Casino.”

Atari is one of the largest video game companies to ever dawn the world. Unfortunately they aren’t the powerhouse they once were which has resulted in Atari having to almost shut their doors multiple times. As of right now Atari employs only ten people, their focusing on software rather than video game consoles right now.