Bodugi Ltd Gambling License Suspended By UK Gambling Commission

Bodugi Limited, a social sports betting gambling service has had their license suspended by the UK Gambling Commission. However if you go onto their website you will notice that “Down for maintenance” is the only thing that is displayed, showing that there is potential for their license to be reinstated.

Michael Wilson and Dave Nevison are the two men who first launched this gambling service was back to 2010. They were able to receive multiple awards for being the new and rising upcoming casino. The company even operated in multiple countries such as Manila, Britain and the Philippines.
Although this online casino was able to start with a promising head start on the rest of the competition something went wrong with the services they offer and people began complaining in reports to the UK Gambling Commission that they were have withdrawal issues with the online casino. The UK Gambling Commission received enough of these complaints that they started an investigation.

Bodugi Limited didn’t respond to the allegations being made by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This is why the online casino lost their gambling license in the United Kingdom. You can still experience the casino in Manilla and the Philippines but there is talks that they will also have their licenses revoked from those countries as well.

Bodugi Limited has yet to make an official statement on the acquisitions that have been made towards their withdrawal process. We suspect that they won’t make an official statement for a long time.