Bulgaria Gaming License Acquired By PokerStars

PokerStars, one of the largest online poker rooms in the online gambling market announced that they have just acquired an online gambling license in Bulgaria. The license was awarded to PokerStars by the Bulgaria State Commission of Gambling, thus by allowing for the famous poker firm to provide their services legally in Bulgaria.

The license was officially given to PokerStars more than a month ago but wasn’t announced until this week due to PokerStars setting up their new online casino and poker services. The new domain which will offer all of the regular gambling services that players love from PokerStars will be named PokerStars.Bg. The new poker room/online casino is now live. This new license will give PokerStars the opportunity to offer legal poker and online casino services to the Bulgarian citizens.

A Spokesman for PokerStars commented on the launching of this new domain saying, “PokerStars is considered to be the number one poker firm in the online gambling market and as a company we take this seriously. That is why we work around the clock to offer services throughout the entire globe which requires us to gain new online gambling licenses in certain countries. We hope that our famous poker experience will spread through Bulgaria like a virus and that we’ll become the best poker room for the country. Until then we will continue to work hard to better improve our software, games and overall experience.”

Bulgarian Citizens can now enjoy the PokerStars experience through PokerStars.Bg.