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Casumo Adding Microgaming Platform

Casumo, an online casino which is famous throughout the European Union has revealed today that they will be adding the Microgaming platform as of this month. This means that punters will be able to enjoy more than five hundred different new games as a result of this content deal.

This content deal shall see Casumo receive not just the line up of video slots from Microgaming but also from the Quickfire platform. Fans of some of their more notable slots such as Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight, Jurassic Park, South Park and many others will also be available to be played. Dozens of classics as well as hundreds of video slots will be available at punters fingertips.


This deal also allows for Casumo to receive all new titles designed by Microgaming over the next two years upon their release date. This’ll ensure that their fans are receiving the best gambling experiences available on the web the day they become available.

For those whom don’t know Microgaming is considered to be the leading software developer for the last twenty years, they continue to only rise in popularity amongst gamblers online. Anyone wanting to play their platform will find that multiple casinos in their region offer this platform. Signing up with that casino will only take moments and then hundreds of titles will become available to you in seconds.

Casumo’s directors have yet to reveal any official statements regarding this announcement. It could be their waiting until the first official launch date that they do so.

Dollar Ball Progressive Won

One fortunate punter playing at William Hill Casino has been able to win an incredible amount of money while playing Desert Treasure. The winning punter has been able to take home $108,700 as a result of this jackpot win.

William Hill Casino

This is no small feet of a win for this game, and is the second largest progressive to be won through this progressive. The largest to have been won is $113,296, which was won last year in April, 2014. This is overall the sixty fourth Dollar Ball Progressive to be triggered, making it one of the more annual winning progressive slots. This isn’t shocking as Playtech goes above & beyond to provide their players with progressives, especially now that developers all around the globe have begun to opt out of offering that style of a casino game.

The winning player did make an anonymous statement saying, “This win is still uncomprehending to me, I don’t know what to say or do. This is money I’ve never owned before or thought I would. All I can think about now is what is next, possibly traveling. Regardless thank you to both William Hill Casino and Playtech for this jackpot win.”

This progressive can be won playing either Alien Hunter, Dr. Lovemore, Thrill Seekers, Desert Treasure and three others. Each game provides an exciting experience that’ll surely thrill anyone who plays one of these titles. All that’s required to do so is find a casino supporting the Playtech software, sign up  and then choose the game that suits your desires best.

Punter Triggers $208,000 at Bovada

Bovada Casino is one of the most famous online casinos in the world, countless amounts of punters have triggered life altering amounts of money while playing at that casino. The latest winner was able to take home $208,000 while playing at this casino.


The winning punter was playing Joker Poker when he triggered a royal flush. This player is from Connecticut in the United States of America, his name is Edward K and he was lucky enough to trigger the royal flush while he has the joker working as a wild icon. This is the second high payout hand available in the game, which is why Mr. K was able to trigger such a large amount of money. Edward did make a short statement, “I’m happy to have won this money, I’ll be going on a vacation and enjoying the next few months with my wife. I’m a bit annoyed by the fact that thousands of thousands of my winnings will be taken by the government for taxes. Oh well.”

Unfortunately this is true, the USA Government takes a large portion of the winnings for anything higher than $10,000. None the less this was a fortunate win that this punter will be able to enjoy for the years to come. Those wishing to play at this casino should have no worries as its highly regulated, it’s well-regarded as being one of the most secure and safe online casinos to play at.

Bovada offers video slots, sports betting, casino games, live dealer games, video poker and horse betting. Play today!

Happy Halloween Launched by Play’n Go –

Yet again another holiday is upon us, Happy Halloween is the brand new slot which has been released by Play’n Go. This new slot is based around the time honoured holiday that originates from Mexico. This is the only slot which’ll be released by this developer for the month of October.


Happy Halloween is designed as a 5 reel, 50 payline video slot. It’s available in the flash format for desktops as well as the mobile format for mobile casinos. When spinning the reels there’ll be witches, deserts, ghouls, different candies, children dressed in Halloween costumes and so much more. This only makes the Halloween theme in this slot that much more nostalgic as well as enjoyable. There’ll also be three kinds of scatters, free spins, wilds, bonus rounds and multipliers. There is the potential to win up to a maximum of $1,000,000 in coins. This is a life altering amount of money to win which’ll surely bring mass players over to casinos providing this slot.

Play’n Go made a short statement, “Happy Halloween to all our punters and gamblers alike. We hope you enjoy getting ready for the Halloween season while playing our slot. We spent months working on every detail and aspect of this game in hopes that’ll be our best holiday slot yet.”

Those whom want to find out more about this slot can do so by going over to the Play’n Go YouTube channel. A video preview of “Happy Halloween” has been released. There’ll be dozens of casino for punters to sign up with & play this slot as well.

The Tipsy Tourist Released by BetSoft Gaming

BetSoft Gaming is an online gambling software developer who are beloved & famed for their 3D visuals. It enhances the gambling experience as once again seen in their latest slot to be released, “The Tipsy Tourist”. This slot takes on the approach of centering its theme on a middle aged man looking to get away from it all, which might require a bit too much drinking in the process.

BetSoft Gaming

This new video slot is designed as a 5 reel, 20 payline casino game. The tropical theme is evident from the moment this game is loaded a palm trees, a sandy beach, a bright blue ocean, umbrella’s, beautiful girls, beach chairs and so much more make an appearance in this slot. Along the way free spins, a mini bonus game, a regular bonus game, scatters and wilds await as triggerable game features. Unfortunately there is no word as to how much the jackpot has been maxed out at.

BetSoft’s VP of Sales made a statement regarding this games release, noting in the process that this game will act as a wonderful form of summer entertainment for gamblers. He also revealed that this game offers classic slot elements mixed with modern day elements to give a compelling gambling experience unlike any other on the market.

Astonishingly this game isn’t just be released on BetSoft Gaming’s desktop platform but it is also being released on their mobile platforms as well. This means the game can be played at all times regardless if a punter is at their computer, on their iPhone or on their iPad.

Dazzle Me Released By Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment, the current leading software developer in the online gambling market has revealed their latest slot that has been released to Net Ent licensed casinos. This latest slot is called “Dazzle Me” and is reminiscent of a classic slot.

Net Entertainment 1

Dazzle Me is developed as a 5 reel, 76 payline video slot with a Gem theme in mind. There are various other classic symbols that appear on the reels as well like 7’s & Bells. There are a number of features available to be triggered as well including a unique feature called Dazzling Wild Reels and Free Spins. Various combinations in this game will be set off in patterns that have never before been seen within a Net Entertainment slot, this’ll surely excite fans and make Dazzle Me a memorable slot for the books. Currently this video slot is available to be played at any online casino which is boasting the Net Entertainment platform. Players will be required to sign up with the casino, afterwards dozens to hundreds of video slots will be available at your fingertips. A welcome bonus, weekly bonus and more all await new punters as well.

Net Entertainment didn’t make any statements regarding this game. This is common now, it appears that his developer has realized that no statements are needed for the games they release as they on their own say enough. Those wishing to see a preview of this new casino game can do so by going to the Net Entertainment YouTube Channel, a video of this slot will be found there.

Neon Reels revealed by iSoftBet

iSoftBet continues to impress their loyalist punters with a new slot every month. The latest slot to be revealed by the developer is Neon Reels, this’ll be the new slot for August which will send players into a virtual 3D world that’ll resemble the likes of Tron. There is no word as of right now as to what day this slot will be released to iSoftBet based casinos next month.

neon reels

This slot is designed with five reels, instead of their being a normal set of reels this game transforms into a 3D world that’ll make for a life like gambling experience never before seen in a slot. On top of that there is multiple progressive jackpots available in this game, a rare addition to new slots being developed. There’ll also be a number of game features available including Held Reels, the other features are being kept a mystery by iSoftBet so that players have something to look forward to. This game will surely be one of the best additions in iSoftBet’s profile and this slot has the opportunity to change what is expected out of a video slot in this generation. Unfortunately punters can’t get their hands on it until next month but can witness the YouTube Preview Video available on iSoftBet’s channel.

Those wishing to give this game a try or any of the other titles developed by this developer can do so by registering an account with an online or mobile casino that offers the iSoftBet gambling platform.

Cherry AB Re-Launches EuroLotto

EuroLotto, a popular online casinos within the European Union that was shut down last year due to new UK Gambling laws that were put in place by the government has seen its resurrection as the owners of EuroLotto were happy to announce that they’ve made a partnership with Kootac in order to re-launch this online casino. EuroLotto is again open for business, much to the enjoyment of many who use to play with this casino.


This brand new version of EuroLotto will give all those who register an account with the casino to have access to the United States & Europe’s largest lotteries. Each lottery will be determined by the player’s location. There’ll also be an array of scratch card games, casino games such as slots and video poker as well as keno. EuroMillions, MegaMillions, EuroJackpot, Powerball, Lotto 6/49 and Super Enalotto are the current lotteries that have already been confirmed to be on this website. Tickets will be able to be purchased through the website and also be checked through the website as well. EuroLotto has also revealed that they’ll offer discounts and promotions on certain tickets.

It’ll still be required that those who win the lottery through this site go to their local government to claim the ticket. Cherry AB & EuroLotto will then receive a small percentage of that lottery through the government as well. This works in the governments favor as more tickets are sold than won. Those wishing to enjoy EuroLotto instead of going down to the shop can sign up an account with them today.

RAWA Potentially Killing off Sportsbetting

The Restoration of America’s Wire Act Bill, a bill which will allow privacy to no longer be a reality, could also potentially kill off the online sports betting industry in Nevada which as of now is estimated to be worth $3.9 billion on a yearly basis. The Las Vegas Review Journal reported this earlier on last week and as a result, it has had multiple large industry leaders become distorted with worry.

wire act

The reason that only online sports betting will be destroyed is become the new provisions of this bill state that the transmission of gambling information through various wire communication servers across state lines is prohibited. That alone could allow for mobile & online sports betting to be destroyed if the bill is passed in the upcoming weeks. This has caused a major disruption for an industry which has already had a series of issues maintaining their large revenues on a yearly basis during the last decade.

Joe Asher, an executive at William Hill USA voiced his concerns on this matter stating that there are thousands of citizens in Nevada who enjoy sports betting and prefer to do it at their home or on their mobile devices instead of at the casino. He noted that taking that from them is just showcasing that true freedom is slowly become non-existent in the United States of America.

This bill is received more than enough back lash from US Citizens & US Media. It’ll be interesting to see if this bill is denied due to simple pressure from the people.

Traffic Rises

888Poker recently revealed that they entered an agreement with Caesars Interactive Entertainment to share the player pools of both 888Poker & WSOP Online with one another. This in return would allow for both poker firms to receive a rise in player traffic. Today it was revealed that indeed that idea has panned through for 888Poker & WSOP Online as WSOP was able to have player traffic rise by fifty perfect over the last week and a half, 888Poker on the other hand was able to see player traffic rise by seventy five percent. This proves that deals such as these ones can prove profitable for everyone involved.

Caesars Interactive Entertainment

This revilement came as a happy surprise to many players across New Jersey. Both of these poker firms weren’t receiving the traffic they wanted to see which was going to result in them shutting down their poker firms completely in the future. Luckily this doesn’t have to happen as this deal as proved to be fruitful for both of these parties. There is no word as to the specific amount of players who have been playing in the last week but we know it has reached past the two digit thousand mark. Both of these poker firms have now been able to take over Party Poker in terms of traffic, 888Poker currently stands as the poker firm with the most players currently playing with WSOP online shortly behind.

Those wishing to try their luck playing poker at either one of these poker firms will be happy to know that they only have to register once as your account will work at both poker firms.