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Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming is one of the few upcoming software developers that is said to become a rival to the likes of Net Entertainment or Playtech. The reason for this is because the Yggdrasil Gaming Platform provides an experience unlike anything else available in the market. That’s why games like Magic Mushrooms, Pyrons, Robotnik and so many others have been able to become popular on a mass scale. Today Yggdrasil Gaming revealed that they are releasing a new slot for the month of December. This new slot is called “Draglings” and is currently available at an array of casinos that provide this platform.


Draglings is developed as a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot. It’s designed with a dragon theme in mind, while spinning the reels you come across various dragons and eggs. Feature wise players can trigger free spins, special wilds, expanding wilds and spreading wilds. This provides players with the skills they need in order to trigger big wins.

Mr. Elmqvist, the CEO of Yggdrasil Gaming has stated that he is very proud of this video slot and the experience it provides their loyal fans. Each month Yggdrasil Gaming releases a new slot to their punters and each month their gambling experiences become that much more exciting for players. Those wishing to play Draglings or any of the other slots designed by this software firm can do so by signing up an account with one of the online casinos licensing out this platform. You’ll find that once you play this platform all others will fail in comparison.

HIV Cures Cancer

A father in his thirties was unable to enjoy his life for nearly three years after he was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of cancer known as Leukemia. This resulted in Mr. Marshall Jensen to be in a major distraught as he believed he would never be able to see his son live throughout his years and that he’d never be able to grow old with his wife. Luckily a doctor at Penn Medicine took thirty patients with leukemia and gave them HIV which eventually causes AIDS.

Penn Medicine

This new idea came as a shock to those in the medical industry but luckily those who doubted this fine doctor and the patients undergoing this treatment were wrong as Marshall Jensen and the other twenty nine patients infused with HIV are now cancer free for the first time in years.

It should be noted that this is a harmless form of HIV which has been programmed to target whatever cancer is in the system and kill it off. Those who receive this treatment don’t have a harmful form of HIV & won’t be gaining AIDS in the future. This means that this are all well with the Jensen family and it seems that this doctor was able to find the cure for Leukemia. This new treatment could be re-programmed to fight other cancers which means that the true cure for cancer is right around the corner.

We shall inform you if anything changes with these men & woman’s conditions and if this cure becomes stable enough to the point that its recognized by the medical community & the mass public.

Helicopter Finds Boy

One mother today in the Baker County, Florida is relived as her son is still alive. Officer Brain Hall & many citizens in Baker County took it upon themselves to scour all local forests & cities in order to find Peyton Blodgett, he had been missing for five days at this point in time. One of the citizens helping for the search to find this county boy saw a piece of his red clothing deep in the dense bush, what only seemed like a small speck of red for this citizen ended up being this boys sweater. They had a place where they could really begin their search.


It was only three hours later that Officer Brain Hall and a couple of other citizens in Florida found this boy. He was curled up by a tree, everyone running towards him at this point were thinking the worse. They turned this boy over only to see that he had been crying. Luckily this boy was able to be found as by the fourth day law enforcement were almost ready to give up this search and presume that this boy had gone missing or had died.

The mother of Peyton has openly thanked everyone who gave tips to the police, helped in the search for his son and she thanks all of the media outlets that allowed for this story to grow. It was one random citizen that called in saying they saw a young boy matching his description enter that forest, without that lead this boy would never have been found.

Rob Ford

Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto has had to reside from his position as he now has a rare form of cancer. This came as a shock to many as Rob Ford has now become an icon for Toronto, not for his poor actions but for the good that he has done for the city of Toronto. Mr. Ford appeared in Etobicoke earlier on this week in hopes of regaining the council seat he previously had before he was mayor. This is his first public appearance since he first found out that he had this rare form of cancer.


Rob Ford was allowed to go home this week after he completed his first round of chemotherapy. This allowed him to get back on the campaign race, he will be attending a party which is being held by his brother Doug Ford. Doug Ford is now running for mayor of Toronto in place of his brother, he currently is a councilmen for Toronto. Rob Ford just won’t be campaigning for himself but he will also be campaigning for his brother in hopes that the family can continue to oversea Toronto and protect.

You can also attend this party as it is a public event for everyone to come enjoy. It’s called “The Ford Fest Barbecue” and is taking place in Northwest Toronto at in one of the local parking lots, just follow the mass amount of cars moving to that location and you’ll be able to find where this barbecue is taking place.

Six Hundred Plus People Walk

Six hundred plus people in Winnipeg and even more people from around Canada took it upon themselves to go for a long walk through various parks around the country in order to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research & Health Costs. A total of forty different communities around Canada walked for the “Walk of Hope” day that takes place every year on September 7th.


People who have actually been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer took place in these walks as well. One woman by the name of Louise Drinnan was interviewed by global news where she said the when she was first diagnosed she wasn’t aware that it was ovarian cancer and that once she knew the serious medical issues that come with this form of cancer she wanted to get the word out, she wanted to earn money for research and she wanted to teach women ways that they can avoid getting Ovarian Cancer.

Roughly around three thousand woman are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer every year, it is a serious issue that effects the lives of thousands. Many children have had to lose their mothers to this disease, this is one of the reasons why so many people around Canada choose to go on the “Walk of Hope”. The Winnipeg walk at Kildonan Park was able to raise $115,000 alone, this doesn’t include the other thirty nine communities that were able to raise money as well. This money will be used towards medical bills for families less fortunate, it’ll go towards research and it’ll go towards families who have been greatly affected from this disease.

Evaluation Service

The National Council on Problem Gambling revealed today that they have joined forced with “Gambling Integrity Services” in order to give assistance to those American Operators that must comply with the standards created by the NCPG. This in return will allow for the NCPG to evaluate the various online casinos that operate within the USA and thus by will allow for them to find any flaws with any of these online casinos.

National Council on Problem Gambling

The GIS will assist the NCPG by evaluating the variety of online casinos located within the USA by using mystery gamblers. This means that a new player will register with these casinos, deposit money and then evaluate the services of that casino to ensure that they abide by the internet responsible gambling standards.

Keith Whyte, executive director of NCPG, said, “We understand that many Internet gambling operators have responsible gaming policies in place that go beyond the state regulations. They will now have the opportunity to receive an independent assessment of their responsible gaming programs compared with NCPG’s Standards. We want established operators to sign up and become trailblazers for this initiative, demonstrating just how seriously they take player protection.”

You can view each one of the “Internet Responsible Gambling Standards” and gain insight on what your online casino has to abide by going to the National Council of Problem Gambling website. These show each one of the regulations online casinos in the USA must abide by and they also let you inform them of any casinos which are breaking those regulations.

Xbox Entertainment Studious Shutting Down

Xbox Entertainment Studious has been responsible for some of the best video game to film adaptations known to the industry. Famous series such as Hallo Nightfall, The Atari E.T Dig, Signal to Noise and many more have been created by Xbox Entertainment Studious. It came as a shock to the entire industry that Xbox Entertainment Studious would be shutting their doors later on at the end of July. This means a total of eighteen thousand employee’s will be laid off, this will result with thousands of people not being able to find a job in their field for months if not years.

Xbox Entertainment Studios

The president of Xbox Entertainment Studious Nancy Tellem stated the following, “We have been thinking about shutting down the studious for six months now. We knew that after we released The Atari E.T Dig we would most likely be shutting down our doors a few months after release date. The reason for this is because video game graphics have reached the point where they resemble real life, creating a live action television program based around one of Xbox’s franchises would be pointless now as we would just be filming what you’ve already seen on screen.”

Nancy Teller, Jordan Levin and ten other employees who work for Xbox Entertainment Studious will remain with the company to create cut scenes and small shorts of Microsoft’s choice. Microsoft hasn’t revealed if they have any plans to re-open to the studio at its full potential in the future, we suspect that Microsoft won’t as closing XES will allow for more money to be spent on video game development.

Steam Selling More than Gamestop

Steam is a service which allows for you to purchase video games through your personal computer and download them onto your hard drive. Steam was first released back on September 12th, 2003 and throughout a decade they were able to grow as one of the most popular digital video game distribution services in the world. As of right now there are millions of people around the globe playing on their Steam account. Today Valve Corporation, the parent company for Steam revealed that Steam sells more games than Gamestop on a regular basis. Each month their revenues nearly triple the amount that other game selling retailers sell. This shows that PC Gaming is becoming vastly more popular and a lot of that increase in popularity is owed to Steam.

steam logo

The reason Steam has been able to become so popular is because the price of the games they offer are considerably cheaper than the price of that same game at Gamestop. This is because Digital Downloads don’t have to account for making the case, making the manuals or shipping the game out to various retailers around North America. This allows for the price to be that much lower and on top of that Steam offers a different sale each day of the week. You won’t go a week without finding one of your favorite games go on sale for an incredibly affordable price.

Anyone can download Steam by searching its name on Google, clicking on the website and clicking the download button. You will then have to register a Steam Account and choose a game you want to download.

Mega Moolah Jackpot Worth $4,259,573 Won On the 14th

Microgaming stands as the most popular gambling platform known to the online gambling market. They are a force that is not to be reckoned with for any developer that has tried to go up against their platform has lost in a short period of time. One of the reasons as to why Microgaming is such a popular platform is because each one of their slots allows for profitable wins or progressive jackpot wins. Once again another punter playing one of Microgaming’s famous progressive based slots “Mega Moolah” won $4,259,573 earlier on this week.


Microgaming has yet to reveal any of the details relating towards this punters jackpot win. The reason for this is because the jackpot was only triggered two days ago, we can confirm that this is the twentieth time that a progressive jackpot has been won on Mega Moolah. Normally this progressive will pay more than one million dollars but this time the progressive was able to rise to a large amount as the jackpot hasn’t been triggered in 25 Week.

It is possible for you to be the next progressive jackpot winner on Mega Moolah. All you must do is register an account with any online casino that has the Microgaming platform licensed out. One of those casinos is Maple Casino, a well honored brand that is known across Europe and Canada. We will keep you updated on any new information released regarding which online casino this progressive jackpot was won at.

Atari Licensing Their Brands To Gambling Firms

Atari is one of the longest surviving developers of video games companies known to the world. It was Atari who developed the first home based video console and since then they have continued to revolutionize the video game industry. For the first time it appears that Atari will be entering the online gambling market, licensing out their famous video games to software developers. These games will have to be specifically used to social based online casinos, this information coming from Wired Magazine.

Atari logo

This information came to light after Fred Chesanis, the CEO of Atari was speaking to Wired Magazine during an interview. Mr. Chesanis said the following, “In order for Atari to generate revenue after we had to file for bankruptcy last year we will be licensing out our famous brands such as Space Invaders to software developers located in the online gambling market. We must recover from our unfortunate year so that we can once again try to enter the video game industry and provide an experience that will be beloved by gamers everywhere. There is a lot of steps we must make in order to accomplish these goals.”

PariPlay is the first firm that has licensed out the Atari brands. PariPlay will be releasing two new social based online casino, the first being for real money play and the other being for free money play. The free money casino will be named “Atari Casino.”

Atari is one of the largest video game companies to ever dawn the world. Unfortunately they aren’t the powerhouse they once were which has resulted in Atari having to almost shut their doors multiple times. As of right now Atari employs only ten people, their focusing on software rather than video game consoles right now.