Cherry AB releases first half report

Cherry AB, a gaming giant in Sweden provided the latest on their situation for the past half year. Cherry AB is stating that the percentage of deposits with the firms properties have improved by more than sixty percent.

It showed that the 2nd quarter saw 106.5 million (Swedish currencies). There was no profit made after taxes had been paid however the group cash was positive with results showing 106.5 million (Swedish currencies). The second quarter saw over 140 million being transferred to shareholders or 11.21 per share.

The online gambling side of things increased near 30% and total deposits were increased by almost 65%. The acquisition of new players increased 30% to almost 40,000 in total. The turnover for Restaurant Casino improved 4.9% and overall marketshare improved 60% and a new casino was opened called this past June.

It is felt that the opening of will help with the goal to establish Cherry AB as a major part of the Scandinavian marketplace. All of the companies resources are going into achieving this goal with the intent to offer customers something more than the usual.