Evaluation Service

The National Council on Problem Gambling revealed today that they have joined forced with “Gambling Integrity Services” in order to give assistance to those American Operators that must comply with the standards created by the NCPG. This in return will allow for the NCPG to evaluate the various online casinos that operate within the USA and thus by will allow for them to find any flaws with any of these online casinos.

National Council on Problem Gambling

The GIS will assist the NCPG by evaluating the variety of online casinos located within the USA by using mystery gamblers. This means that a new player will register with these casinos, deposit money and then evaluate the services of that casino to ensure that they abide by the internet responsible gambling standards.

Keith Whyte, executive director of NCPG, said, “We understand that many Internet gambling operators have responsible gaming policies in place that go beyond the state regulations. They will now have the opportunity to receive an independent assessment of their responsible gaming programs compared with NCPG’s Standards. We want established operators to sign up and become trailblazers for this initiative, demonstrating just how seriously they take player protection.”

You can view each one of the “Internet Responsible Gambling Standards” and gain insight on what your online casino has to abide by going to the National Council of Problem Gambling website. These show each one of the regulations online casinos in the USA must abide by and they also let you inform them of any casinos which are breaking those regulations.