HIV Cures Cancer

A father in his thirties was unable to enjoy his life for nearly three years after he was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of cancer known as Leukemia. This resulted in Mr. Marshall Jensen to be in a major distraught as he believed he would never be able to see his son live throughout his years and that he’d never be able to grow old with his wife. Luckily a doctor at Penn Medicine took thirty patients with leukemia and gave them HIV which eventually causes AIDS.

Penn Medicine

This new idea came as a shock to those in the medical industry but luckily those who doubted this fine doctor and the patients undergoing this treatment were wrong as Marshall Jensen and the other twenty nine patients infused with HIV are now cancer free for the first time in years.

It should be noted that this is a harmless form of HIV which has been programmed to target whatever cancer is in the system and kill it off. Those who receive this treatment don’t have a harmful form of HIV & won’t be gaining AIDS in the future. This means that this are all well with the Jensen family and it seems that this doctor was able to find the cure for Leukemia. This new treatment could be re-programmed to fight other cancers which means that the true cure for cancer is right around the corner.

We shall inform you if anything changes with these men & woman’s conditions and if this cure becomes stable enough to the point that its recognized by the medical community & the mass public.