New Jersey State Senator Goes Against Sheldon Adelson

The State Senator of New Jersey Ray Lesniak has come out against Sheldon Adelson. Earlier this month Sheldon Adelson pleaded with the Federal Government to ban all online gambling once again rather it be on a state or federal level.

Speaking against Sheldon Adelson Mr. Lesniak said, “As a state we have been given the authority to have online gambling in New Jersey. Our State Regulators have done nothing but an amazing job reviewing over any online gambling problems in our state. Allowing for a federal ban of online gambling in my state would cause for a major economic shut down that I won’t have.

He continued on by saying, “Mr. Adelson has already started a campaign against legal online gambling in my state. In return this will allow for thousands of citizens in my state to lose their jobs and billions of dollars being lost into my state’s economy.

The statements made by New Jersey State Senator stated becoming more personal with the senator saying, “Mr. Adelson you should put your campaign efforts into the most negative part of gambling in our country and that’d be lottery sales. Anyone can buy a lottery ticket at any Convenience store, people in run down areas of our country can go spend their wages on lottery tickets with hardly any chances of winning in return.”

“All I ever wanted for my state was that it become more profitable and enjoyable place for my citizens to live. I have been able to accomplish those goals and will not let a land based casino owner ruin my state’s progress.”