RAWA Potentially Killing off Sportsbetting

The Restoration of America’s Wire Act Bill, a bill which will allow privacy to no longer be a reality, could also potentially kill off the online sports betting industry in Nevada which as of now is estimated to be worth $3.9 billion on a yearly basis. The Las Vegas Review Journal reported this earlier on last week and as a result, it has had multiple large industry leaders become distorted with worry.

wire act

The reason that only online sports betting will be destroyed is become the new provisions of this bill state that the transmission of gambling information through various wire communication servers across state lines is prohibited. That alone could allow for mobile & online sports betting to be destroyed if the bill is passed in the upcoming weeks. This has caused a major disruption for an industry which has already had a series of issues maintaining their large revenues on a yearly basis during the last decade.

Joe Asher, an executive at William Hill USA voiced his concerns on this matter stating that there are thousands of citizens in Nevada who enjoy sports betting and prefer to do it at their home or on their mobile devices instead of at the casino. He noted that taking that from them is just showcasing that true freedom is slowly become non-existent in the United States of America.

This bill is received more than enough back lash from US Citizens & US Media. It’ll be interesting to see if this bill is denied due to simple pressure from the people.