Reports from Pennsylvania positive

The state of Pennsylvania commissioned an independent report to be presented to the legislator. The purpose of the report is to add fire to the cause of pro-lines who are in favor of the state legalizing online gaming in the state.


Econsult were the group who carried out the report. They found that regulated and legalized gambling in the state could generate as much as $309 million in much need revenue for the state. It would be expected to see $67 million in the first year alone and more than $109 million each year thereafter. It also reported that the revenue generated would not impact current land casinos.

The group was tasked with analyzing the market conditions in the state and include suggestions that they felt would allow Pennsylvania to be competitive. It does appear that igames will be part of the states future due to the fact they are carrying a huge deficit that has to be reconciled prior to the beginning of the new year.

Upon receiving the report a number of the legislative made comments relating to this study deserving more consideration and that the consideration of adding online gaming into the laws in the state deserves to receive a second look.

Whether an eventually law allowing for online gaming in the state to go forward will occur is yet to be determined. There have been a number of different proposals on this but each have been shot down due to lack of support. Many argue a moral issue for that justification which really is mute due to so many other moral issues coming into play with other laws.