Six Hundred Plus People Walk

Six hundred plus people in Winnipeg and even more people from around Canada took it upon themselves to go for a long walk through various parks around the country in order to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research & Health Costs. A total of forty different communities around Canada walked for the “Walk of Hope” day that takes place every year on September 7th.


People who have actually been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer took place in these walks as well. One woman by the name of Louise Drinnan was interviewed by global news where she said the when she was first diagnosed she wasn’t aware that it was ovarian cancer and that once she knew the serious medical issues that come with this form of cancer she wanted to get the word out, she wanted to earn money for research and she wanted to teach women ways that they can avoid getting Ovarian Cancer.

Roughly around three thousand woman are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer every year, it is a serious issue that effects the lives of thousands. Many children have had to lose their mothers to this disease, this is one of the reasons why so many people around Canada choose to go on the “Walk of Hope”. The Winnipeg walk at Kildonan Park was able to raise $115,000 alone, this doesn’t include the other thirty nine communities that were able to raise money as well. This money will be used towards medical bills for families less fortunate, it’ll go towards research and it’ll go towards families who have been greatly affected from this disease.