Steam Selling More than Gamestop

Steam is a service which allows for you to purchase video games through your personal computer and download them onto your hard drive. Steam was first released back on September 12th, 2003 and throughout a decade they were able to grow as one of the most popular digital video game distribution services in the world. As of right now there are millions of people around the globe playing on their Steam account. Today Valve Corporation, the parent company for Steam revealed that Steam sells more games than Gamestop on a regular basis. Each month their revenues nearly triple the amount that other game selling retailers sell. This shows that PC Gaming is becoming vastly more popular and a lot of that increase in popularity is owed to Steam.

steam logo

The reason Steam has been able to become so popular is because the price of the games they offer are considerably cheaper than the price of that same game at Gamestop. This is because Digital Downloads don’t have to account for making the case, making the manuals or shipping the game out to various retailers around North America. This allows for the price to be that much lower and on top of that Steam offers a different sale each day of the week. You won’t go a week without finding one of your favorite games go on sale for an incredibly affordable price.

Anyone can download Steam by searching its name on Google, clicking on the website and clicking the download button. You will then have to register a Steam Account and choose a game you want to download.