Traffic Rises

888Poker recently revealed that they entered an agreement with Caesars Interactive Entertainment to share the player pools of both 888Poker & WSOP Online with one another. This in return would allow for both poker firms to receive a rise in player traffic. Today it was revealed that indeed that idea has panned through for 888Poker & WSOP Online as WSOP was able to have player traffic rise by fifty perfect over the last week and a half, 888Poker on the other hand was able to see player traffic rise by seventy five percent. This proves that deals such as these ones can prove profitable for everyone involved.

Caesars Interactive Entertainment

This revilement came as a happy surprise to many players across New Jersey. Both of these poker firms weren’t receiving the traffic they wanted to see which was going to result in them shutting down their poker firms completely in the future. Luckily this doesn’t have to happen as this deal as proved to be fruitful for both of these parties. There is no word as to the specific amount of players who have been playing in the last week but we know it has reached past the two digit thousand mark. Both of these poker firms have now been able to take over Party Poker in terms of traffic, 888Poker currently stands as the poker firm with the most players currently playing with WSOP online shortly behind.

Those wishing to try their luck playing poker at either one of these poker firms will be happy to know that they only have to register once as your account will work at both poker firms.