Xbox Entertainment Studious Shutting Down

Xbox Entertainment Studious has been responsible for some of the best video game to film adaptations known to the industry. Famous series such as Hallo Nightfall, The Atari E.T Dig, Signal to Noise and many more have been created by Xbox Entertainment Studious. It came as a shock to the entire industry that Xbox Entertainment Studious would be shutting their doors later on at the end of July. This means a total of eighteen thousand employee’s will be laid off, this will result with thousands of people not being able to find a job in their field for months if not years.

Xbox Entertainment Studios

The president of Xbox Entertainment Studious Nancy Tellem stated the following, “We have been thinking about shutting down the studious for six months now. We knew that after we released The Atari E.T Dig we would most likely be shutting down our doors a few months after release date. The reason for this is because video game graphics have reached the point where they resemble real life, creating a live action television program based around one of Xbox’s franchises would be pointless now as we would just be filming what you’ve already seen on screen.”

Nancy Teller, Jordan Levin and ten other employees who work for Xbox Entertainment Studious will remain with the company to create cut scenes and small shorts of Microsoft’s choice. Microsoft hasn’t revealed if they have any plans to re-open to the studio at its full potential in the future, we suspect that Microsoft won’t as closing XES will allow for more money to be spent on video game development.